Deadlines for Submitting Annual Reports in Estonia

What are the deadlines for Estonian companies to submit their annual reports?

According to § 179 of the Commercial Code of the Republic of Estonia, every company registered in the country is required to submit an annual report. This document, known as the annual report, must be submitted within six months after the end of the financial year. Thus, for most companies whose financial year coincides with the calendar year, the deadline for submitting the annual report is June 30.

However, companies registered in the second half of the year have a special provision: they may not need to submit a report for the incomplete year and can include it in the next full report. This avoids unnecessary bureaucracy and gives companies time to properly prepare their first report.

Annual Report: Importance of Meeting Deadlines

Business inactivity does not exempt companies from the obligation to submit a report. Companies that do not conduct business activities must submit a so-called zero report. Information about the submission of reports by each company is recorded in the Commercial Register and is available to the public. This ensures transparency and trust in the business from partners and clients.

Moreover, meeting the reporting deadlines is a key factor in maintaining the company’s business reputation. Companies that submit their reports on time demonstrate their reliability and responsibility, which can be an important competitive advantage.

What Happens if You Miss the Reporting Deadlines?

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of cases of missed reporting deadlines. A new law, which came into effect on February 1, 2023, has strengthened control over compliance with deadlines. The following measures may be imposed on violators:

  • Warnings and Fines: Companies are issued warnings with an additional 30 days to correct the situation. Failure to comply can result in fines of up to 3200 euros.
  • Fines for Management: Fines can also be imposed on board members responsible for financial reporting. This encourages management to take their responsibilities more seriously.
  • Removal from the Register: In extreme cases, if warnings are ignored, the register may initiate the process of removing the company from the register. This is an extreme measure aimed at maintaining order and legality in the Estonian business environment.

In addition, companies that miss reporting deadlines may face additional costs and difficulties in doing business. This includes loss of trust from partners, reduced investment attractiveness, and increased time needed to restore reputation.


Penalties, including information about warnings and imposed fines, are available to the public and potential partners. Adhering to the rules and timely submission of reports helps to avoid negative consequences. Regular reporting also contributes to strengthening the company’s reputation and maintaining its business activity. It is important to remember that timely and accurate reporting is not only an obligation but also a key to successful business operations.

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